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We offer a unique slate of business solutions custom-tailored for Realtors.

Our goal:
Saving your time
Our services:
Transaction Management      System Refinement
Business Blueprinting      Succession Planning
Physical Office Organization      Residential Organization


Transaction Management

Contract To Closing

You can't delegate facetime with clients, but you can delegate paperwork.


You've got the contract.  Congratulations!  Now the "fun" begins- voluminous paperwork, multiple parties and tight timelines.  Are you scrambling to meet deadlines and missing out on crucial client contact?  Are you living in fear of errors while feeling overwhelmed and overworked?  Don't think you have the funds or time to hire and train an assistant?


You need KD Realty Solutions.


We provide specially trained virtual transaction coordinators to handle the contract to closing process for you. 


- We help you provide a consistent client experience.


- You can focus on revenue generating tasks.


- We do not require long-term contracts.


- You can pay on a per-transaction basis.


- We help you claim more time for yourself.

"Realtors struggle with an overwhelming amount of paperwork.  I worked for years as a Realtor and am very aware of this dilemma.  Paperwork can be delegated.  Face time cannot.  Realtors depend on personal contact." - KD Durham, owner KD Realty Solutions
As a Realtor, KD developed 37 steps that consistently moved transactions from contract to closing without complications, surprises or missed deadlines.  Now, she provides this transaction management service to Realtors through KD Realty Solutions  
To fill the document gap for Realtors, KD Realty Solutions will provide highly qualified virtual transaction coordinators who will handle paperwork, follow-up and communications from the contract to closing, allowing the agent to spend more time with the client. 
For $395 per transaction, Realtors can rest assured that paperwork will be filed on time, communication will steadily flow and all the details will be handled with professionalism. 


KD Realty Solutions Services

Custom tailored for the real estate professional.

  • Transaction Management

From Contract to Closing, our 37-step transaction management process will ensure that deadlines are met, paperwork is filed and communications flow among all involved. 

  • System Refinement
Despite having systems in place, do you find yourself rushing to get things done before an appointment?  Have you thought that there has to be an easier way?  KD Realty Solutions identifies problem areas in your systems and provides proven solutions.
  • Business Blueprinting
What to move your business to the next level but unsure where to start?  KD Realty Solutions can help you define where you want to go and identify the steps necessary to reach your goals.
  • Succession Planning
Whether you're thinking about the future or want to sell now, KD Realty Solutions can help you create a plan to sell your business.
  • Physical Office Organization
Does your office space reflect how good you are?  Can't seem to find things when you need them? KD Realty Solutions will work with you to find custom solutions that fit your style.
  • Residential Organizing
You've got a new listing, but is it ready to show?  KD Realty Solutions de-clutters and organizes the home to put it in model condition.

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A division of KD SpaceLifts™