KD SpaceLifts: Structured Solutions for an Organized Environment

Kathleen "KD" Durham 

KD Spacelifts

Anne Arundel County, MD


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Organization is more than just placing items in an arranged space.  It entails systemizing processes that may or may not include physical objects.

KD SpaceLifts analyzes your systems identifying ways to organize them with the goal of improved efficiency. Where a business coach addresses the “big picture” identifying overall goals and objectives, KD SpaceLifts focuses on the granular “how” of obtaining those goals. We dive deep to develop a plan addressing how the details, projects and day-to-day tasks will be accomplished to reach your goals.


KD SpaceLifts is dedicated to helping businesses improve efficiency and productivity through the organization of intangible spaces (workflow, systems, processes and procedures) as well as tangible spaces such as the physical workspace.


For our clients, we continually review our suggested plan's ROI (Return on Investment) ensuring the value and benefit extends many times over. Those benefits may be cost savings, time savings, improved workflow or less stress--all contributing to your profits.


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