Case Studies
Case Studies
Real examples of how KD SpaceLifts worked with business and individual clients to improve productivity and quality of life.
Smooth Transition
KD SpaceLifts was hired by a national construction company to organize the transition of a first-of-its-kind green building to their client who would be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the building. KD assisted in determining the new functions/training/skills sets needed for maintaining the building, then working with subject-matter experts, developed training classes and scheduled appropriate vendor contractors to teach the sessions. Additionally KD developed a procedures manual for use in future building transfers

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A small computer repair firm, although staffed with extremely talented personnel, was losing business due to long turnaround times. KD studied the workflow, beginning with system drop-off to final delivery and everything in between. By suggesting and helping implement changes in the workflow processes, KD assisted the firm in reducing turnaround time.


Clear Documentation for Greater Productivity

KD SpaceLifts organized, refined and documented processes for the installation of systems for soft drink, beer and liquor distribution centers.


Defining Who Does What

KD SpaceLifts led a committee to redesign various job descriptions and responsibilities for a financial consulting firm aligning those positions to similar industry positions. A training program was developed to ensure the company's financial consultants nationwide had consistent learning of the industry and firm culture.


Information at His Fingertips

An experienced attorney from a large firm moved on to begin his own practice. KD SpaceLifts was hired to organize electronic and paper files for the new practice, ensuring information needed was within easy reach.

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