The Process 
The Process: How We Work with You

In order to best serve you, we need to understand where you currently are and where you would like to go. Our approach is first to listen, observe and then evaluate the workflow, systems and processes in place to see what may be tweaked, renovated or created to accomplish your goals.


We work hard to create an environment that works with the way you think and operate. It would be easy to develop an organized system designed for the way we think but hardly of maximum benefit to you. It is our goal to create an organized environment with systems and processes that can be sustained and maintained by you, the client. This philosophy is what separates us from our competitors.


During our first meeting we conduct a needs analysis which is on our “nickel” (free of charge) and generally takes approximately 1.5-2.0 hours. From there, sessions are billed on an hourly basis.


At the completion of a project, a follow up session approximately 30 days later, is scheduled. The purpose of this session is to ensure all processes put in place are working and if not, determine why and resolve. This session is free of charge as well.


New systems and procedures are only successful if they can be maintained by you, the client. 
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