What Clients Are Saying About KD SpaceLifts...



I have used KD Spacelifts for 2 of my businesses.  KD accomplished more in less time than I ever could have myself, even if I had the time to devote to it!  The value is incredible.  She has a way of identifying the elements of a business—good and bad—without personalizing the content or criticizing any person.  With the information that a KD Spacelifts report provides, a manager or owner can hone a business to a fine edge! - R. Flynn, Esq., Signature Title, Millersville, MD


Wow!! Working with KD SpaceLifts was like business therapy with the benefits of a spa-treatment at the end! 


We received a candid, yet solution-oriented, assessment of our current company, with an action plan that gave us the recharge we needed to take our business to the next level.

SpaceLifts was commissioned to evaluate the systems of our fledgling short-sale negotiation and settlement affiliate.  The goals included the design and implementation of efficient and motivating systems that optimize the attributes of our current staff, while addressing the challenges of a new business frontier.

After three days of in-office observation and interviews, KD delivered a report that accurately identified the obstacles and opportunities of our current business platform with a detailed and concise action plan for improvement and productivity. 


KD analyzed every aspect of our current work habits and left no stone unturned. In twenty years as a business owner, this has been the most productive use of our time and investment. Thanks to KD SpaceLifts !! -- Flynn & Sabrascos, LLC, Baltimore, MD


KD is nothing less than superlative.  She helped me organize the transition of my electronic and paper files while switching my home  office from a PC system to Mac.  She also assessed my work needs and identified the best equipment for my home office. The entire process was efficient and well-handled.  On the occasion we had trouble with vendors, she was persistent in tracking down and formulating a solution or finding a way to work around the issue.  KD is very reliable, talented and effective.  Plus she is easy and fun to work with.  I could not be more pleased.  – H. Hopkins, Gibson Island, MD


I’m not computer savvy.  I couldn’t tell you what a scanner was before working with KD.  She introduced me to new products and new ways to use my computer to keep documents safe and make life easier.  She does research and helps me find the office equipment that works best for my needs.


I have had to deal with a myriad of legal issues associated with a family estate matter.  She assisted me in tracking information and setting up a system to manage my finances separately from the estate.  This has taken a big load off my shoulders. 


She is a good teacher and is very patient.  She listens very carefully, asks questions and works on a solution without being pushy. I thought I was fairly organized, but when it came to downsizing I had a difficult time deciding what to save.  In one afternoon she walked through my home and made amazing suggestions that had never occurred to me.  I couldn’t possibly have done this without her. - S.O., Baltimore


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