Individual Organization

So much time is spent at work that we often put personal organization on the back burner.  But, by doing so, we waste valuable off-time searching for pertinent information, like insurance documents, receipts or photos. 


KD SpaceLifts can help you determine the organizational structure that works for your lifestyle and maintenance needs. 


If you were in an accident would your loved ones be able to locate the appropriate doctor, health and disability insurance information?  Would they know how to maintain your finances or understand the provisions you’ve made?  You can reduce stress, both yours and theirs, through advance preparation.


Examples of individual systems and processes we organize include:


Emergency Planning

Income Tax Organization
Estate Organization
Paper Management Filing
Goal Setting & Tracking
Personal PC Organization
Home Inventory
Research & Shop Viable Solutions
Household Financial Records     
Templates/Forms & Easy Lists
Our goal is to create systems and processes that work the way you think. We strive to create an organized environment that can be sustained and maintaned by you.
"KD Assisted me in tracking information and setting up a system to manage my finances separately from a family estate matter. This has been a big load off my shoulders." - S.O., Baltimore
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