Is there really an app for that?  How E-mobile are you?

Not all businesses have a traditional brick and mortar office.  The virtual office environment may be in the home, at a coffee shop or in a vehicle at a job site. 


The challenge for these businesses is accessing critical data (such as a report, invoice or reference) as easily as they could be accessed in a traditional office. 


Think about this:

You've just attended a business networking event.  How do you synchronize all those business cards to your phone, iPad and Mac or PC?


What mobile applications best suit your workstyle?


Are you able to easily share data, photos or videos with clients or other company personnel?


KD SpaceLifts will observe your work practices to tailor a plan of electronic access with devices and applications that best suit your specific needs.  Call us for a free consultation.
"KD introduced me to new products and new ways to use my computer to keep documents safe and make life easier." - S.O., Baltimore

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