About Us 
"Mediocrity is not an option." - Kathleen "KD" Durham
Kathleen "KD" Durham, founder and president of KD SpaceLifts, feels she was destined to have a career as a professional organizer.  As a child, she recalls emptying the family linen closet, toy chests and shed simply to put them back together in a more useful and organized way.
Throughout her business career, KD found herself regularly in the middle of redeveloping, repositioning or rewriting job methods, practices, processes and procedures associated with individual, group and developmental work flows.  Whether she was asked to chair a committee, develop a new department or realign an existing one, KD was called upon to take these specialty tasks regardless of her job title. 
A serious accident led to the launch of KD Spacelifts.  Confined to a body cast for months, KD was in the care of family and friends 24/7.  She was able to easily direct her caretakers to the necessary information and items needed to handle her affairs.  She received a bit of good-natured teasing regarding her high level or organization but that soon gave way to several individuals asking for KD's help organizing their environment.  KD discovered she enjoyed helping others organize, which ultimately led to the launch of the company, KD SpaceLifts.
KD is Vice President of the National Association of Professional Organizers Baltimore. 

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